PPG Architectural Glass Certified Fabricator Network™

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Members of PPG’s Certified Fabricator Network are specially trained in the processing of all of PPG’s high-performance architectural glass products.  This network of glass fabricators, laminators and commercial window manufacturers not only provide high-quality products at fair prices—they also offer faster turnaround than the competition.

Originally conceived for glass fabricators in North America, the demand created by the original PPG Certified Fabricator Program has inspired the development of similar programs with more than 70 glass fabricators, glass laminators and commercial window manufacturers in the United States, Mexico and internationally.

For details about each of the programs that make up the PPG Certified Fabricator Network, please click on the logos below.

Why use a PPG Certified Fabricator Program Member?

With more than 100 million square feet of glass reliably and promptly delivered to customers around the world since the introduction of the first PPG Certified Fabricator Program, you can be confident that our partners will deliver the high performance PPG architectural glass you need, when you need it, within your budget.

To make sure your finished project achieves your original design vision, consult a professional from this list PPG Certified Fabricator Network members.

PPG Concierge Program

In addition, by using a PPG Certified Fabricator Program member, your project may qualify for the benefits of the PPG Concierge Program. This exclusive program provides PPG Certified Fabricators with customized PPG glass logistics and project coordination for complex and high-profile building projects that require atypical glass configurations, non-standard glass components, accelerated delivery timeframes or advanced quality specifications.