The Vitro Architectural Glass Guide to LEED®

Sustainable in Every Light

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Innovation (IN)

LEED Credit: Innovation

LEED Points: Possible 5 points

Applicable Requirements:  Project teams can use any combination of Innovation (Option 1), Pilot (Option 2) and Exemplary Performance (Option 3) strategies.

Vitro Solutions

Solarban® and Sungate® glasses may exceed minimum performance requirements mandated by local energy codes and products from Vitro alliance partners such as Walker Glass and have the potential to earn LEED Pilot Credits credits.


  • Low-E Glasses: Use low-emissivity glasses like Solarban® solar control low-e and Sungate® passive low-e glasses that exhibit high degrees of light transmission and solar control to facilitate energy savings while incorporating larger expanses of vision glass. Introducing more natural daylight also reduces the energy costs associated with artificial lighting and improves human health and productivity.

LEED Pilot Credit: Bird Collision Deterrence

LEED Points: Possible 1 point

Applicable Requirement: Develop a building façade and site design strategy to make the building and site structures visible as physical barriers to birds.

Vitro Solutions


  • Bird-Friendly Glass: Through its marketing alliance with Walker Glass, Vitro Glass offers bird-safe AviProtek glass with Solarban® low-e coatings, which combines solar control with acid-etched patterns that are scientifically proven to lessen bird injury and mortality by offering contrasting patterns that birds can see and detect as barriers while in flight.