Solarban 90

Solarban® 90 Solar Control Low-E Glass

A new measure of solar control performance.

Developed with the input of architects and in the tradition of the Solarban® family of low-e glasses by Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass), Solarban® 90 glass combines exceptional solar control performance with the neutral aesthetic appeal of clear glass, allowing architects to specify larger expanses without sacrificing occupant comfort. Combining advances in coating technology and refinements to Vitro Glass’s proven triple-silver coating technology to produce the world’s first quad-silver-coated glass, Solarban® 90 glass is engineered to outperform even Solarban® 70XL glass, the most preferred high-performance solar control low-e glass in North America.

Control solar heat gain with new tinted and low-iron coating combinations

Because Solarban® 90 glass doesn’t display a noticeably reflected color, it harmonizes beautifully in insulating glass units (IGUs) with other tinted and low-iron glasses by Vitro Glass.

Solarban® 90 (2) Optiblue® + Clear
Featuring a distinctive, steel blue-gray appearance, combining Optiblue® tinted glass and Solarban® 90 glass in a standard 1-inch IGU results in a 0.20 solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC).

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Solarban® 90 (2) Optigray® + Clear
Combine Optigray® tinted glass by Vitro Glass—with its warm gray appearance, maximum light transmittance and clarity—with Solarban® 90 glass for a highly transparent, truly neutral aesthetic that achieves a 0.20 SHGC.     

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Solarban® 90 (2) Starphire® + Starphire®
Get an exceptionally neutral, virtually colorless aesthetic with all the benefits of a solar control low-e glass coating by combining Starphire Ultra-Clear™ glass by Vitro Glass with Solarban® 90 glass, featuring an extraordinary VLT of 54 percent and a SHGC of 0.23.

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Review the Solarban® 90 glass product data sheet for more information.