Solarban 90

Two new glass sample kits available from Vitro Glass online fulfillment center

Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) announced that two new glass sample kits, featuring 10 samples each of transparent and tinted low-emissivity (low-e) glass, can now be ordered through its online literature and fulfillment center.
The transparent low-e glass kit contains insulating glass units (IGUs) with Solarban® 60, Solarban 70XL, Solarban 67, Solarban R100 and Solarban 90 coatings on clear, Acuity low-iron and Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass substrates.
The tinted low-e kit holds IGUs with multiple Vitro Glass performance tinted-substrates finished with various Solarban solar control low-e coatings. They include Atlantica®, Azuria®, Optiblue®, Optigray®, Pacifica®, Solarblue®, Solarbronze® and Solargray® glasses. Each glass sample is labeled with comprehensive performance data, including visible light transmittance (VLT), solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), U-value, interior and exterior reflectance, and more.
Robert J. Struble, manager, brand and communications, Vitro Architectural Glass, said that when Solarban glasses are united with clear, low-iron and tinted glasses by Vitro Glass, they offer architects the industry’s most expansive collection of aesthetic and performance options. “These kits highlight only a fraction of the possible substrate-and-coating options available from Vitro Glass, but they are ‘must-haves’ for architect libraries that thrive on having the latest design and specification materials,” he explained.
The Vitro Glass Literature and Fulfillment Center enables architects to order a variety of individual glass samples and sample glass kits, as well as the latest Vitro glass catalogs, brochures and educational materials, at their convenience.
To learn more about the full range of sustainable architectural glass products available from Vitro Glass, please visit or call 1-855-VTRO-GLS (887-6457).  The Vitro Glass Literature and Fulfillment Center can be found at

About Vitro Architectural Glass
Vitro Architectural Glass, part of Vitro, S.A.B. de C.V. (BMV:VITROA), the largest company of its kind in the Americas, manufactures a range of industry-leading, energy-efficient products such as Solarban®, Sungate® and Starphire Ultra-Clear® glasses at U.S. plants in Carlisle, Pennsylvania; Fresno, California; Salem, Oregon; and Wichita Falls, Texas. Committed to sustainable manufacturing processes and products, the company also operates one of the world’s largest glass research and development facilities in Pittsburgh and four residential glass fabrication plants in Canada. Upholding the values of “Together, We See Further” across the architectural, automotive and containers markets, Vitro strives to realize the power of partnership to ensure that projects meet or exceed ever-evolving sustainability expectations as well as glass requirements. For more information, please visit
Atlantica, Azuria, Optiblue, Optigray, Pacifica, Solarban, Solarblue, Solarbronze, Solargray, Sungate, Starphire and Starphire Ultra-Clear are registered trademarks and Acuity is a trademark owned by Vitro.
Vitro Architectural Glass’s new transparent low-e glass kit contains insulating glass units (IGUs) with Solarban® coatings on clear, Acuity low-iron and Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass substrates:

Solarban 60 (2) Clear + Clear
Solarban 70XL (2) + Clear
Solarban 67 (2) Clear + Clear
Solarban R100 (2) Clear + Clear
Solarban 90 (2) Clear + Clear
Solarban 72 (2) Starphire + Starphire
Solarban 60 (2) Acuity + Acuity
Solarban 72 (2) Acuity + Acuity
Solarban 90 (2) Acuity + Acuity
Solarban R100 (2) Acuity + Acuity
PITTSBURGH, April 4, 2019 —