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Bigger is Just the Beginning

Some of the world’s most dramatic and visually breathtaking buildings showcase large expanses of glass. Now, architects and designers can realize their most dramatic and ambitious visions with oversized coated glass from Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass), which is available with all the Vitro high-performance magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) coatings you already rely on.

Using North America’s largest MSVD coater, Vitro has introduced entirely new paradigms and platforms for oversized glass with accelerated development of advanced high-performance coatings that maintain their neutral appearance when viewed from any angle.

Launched in 2021, Titan glass is Vitro’s newest oversized glass product for large-scale exterior insulating glass units (IGUs). Available in heavy thicknesses of 8 and 10 millimeters, Titan glass will allow for even larger spans of glass than were previously available.

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Design Bolder. Build Bigger.

Specify larger expanses of Vitro coated glass products, without compromising your design or sustainability vision. Vitro’s high-performing, energy-efficient low-emissivity (low-e) glasses are now available in oversized standard sizes of 130-by-204 inches, as well as our Titan glass products that allow for sizes up to 130-by-240 inches.

Our innovative technology is capable of applying all Vitro low-e MSVD coatings – even those yet to be developed – on a range of oversized glass substrates at various thicknesses. Titan glass, in particular, can be manufactured with Solarban® 60, 70, 72, 90 or R100 glass coatings and can be produced using clear, Acuity® or Starphire® glass substrates.

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Specify with Confidence

In 2018, Vitro began producing oversized glass with Coater7, North America’s largest MSVD coater. Located in Wichita Falls, Texas, Coater7 represents a dramatic leap in glass coating technology and expands our coating capabilities not only today but also well into the future.

Coater7 also enables Vitro Glass to produce 20 percent more low-e glass annually, and its location provides the Southern U.S. – the region with the highest demand for low‑e glass – with improved access to high performance glass in all sizes. When you specify oversized glass with Vitro low‑e coatings, you can rest assured it’ll get where it needs to go, when it needs to get there.

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Big Applications. Big Considerations.

Oversized glass might not be appropriate for every project. Before specifying large IGUs, consider their impact on the fabrication-installation chain.

Fabrication of large IGUs requires specialized glass processing equipment, such as tempering ovens, as well as specialized handling equipment to account for the added weight and size. Not all Vitro Certified® Fabricators offer these capabilities—check with yours before specifying.

Specifying Large Insulating Glass Units

Visit the Vitro Glass Education Center to learn key considerations for specifying large insulating glass units (IGUs).


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