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Unavailable Vitro Products & Alternatives

Occasionally, Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) has found it necessary to discontinue products for various reasons, including scarcity of raw material supply, environmental requirements, low market demand or other operational considerations. This page lists products that are no longer manufactured by the company and, wherever possible, identifies an alternative.

Even though a product is no longer manufactured does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer inventoried or not available for replacement. When a product is discontinued by Vitro Glass, the company creates a special inventory supply, sometimes referred to as “attic” stock. If you need more information on a discontinued product, please contact your Commercial Account Manager or National Architectural Manager.

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Solarban® 67 Glass

Solarban® 67 glass was renamed Solarban® R67 glass in January 2023. The addition of the R designation brings Solarban® R67 into a group of subtly reflective glasses, including Vitro’s Solarban® R77 and Solarban® R100 glasses, and helps make its aesthetic attributes clearer to customers. 


Solarban® z50 Glass
® z75 Glass
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In January 2023, Solarban® z50 glass was renamed Solarban® 60 on Optiblue® glass and Solarban® z75 glass became Solarban® 70 on Optiblue® glass. The new names reflect the products’ composition. The performance and visual characteristics of both glasses remain the same.


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In August 2019, Vitro Architectural Glass announced that it has changed the name of Solarban® 70XL solar control low-emissivity (low-e) glass to Solarban® 70 glass, formally dropping the “XL”. Despite the name change, no changes were made to the glass formulation itself.


Sungate® 500 Passive Low‑E Glasses
® 600 Passive Low‑E GlassesBack to Top

Production of these products was discontinued in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Alternate Product: Sungate® 400 passive low‑e glass is a higher performing passive low‑e glass for third surface applications. Also, depending on required solar heat gain requirements, Solarban® 60 low‑e glass may also be a suitable replacement.

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Sunclean® Self-cleaning Glass

This product was discontinued in the fourth quarter of 2014. Similar products are available from other architectural and window glass manufacturers.

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Graylite® Glass

The original Graylite® glass has been replaced by Graylite® II glass, which features a comparable dark‑gray, almost black, appearance that is ideal for privacy and glare control, along with a shading coefficient of 0.35 and daylight transmittance of 8 percent.

Alternate Product: Graylite® II glass

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Optigray® 23 Glass
Caribia® Glass
Vistacool® Caribia® Glass
Vistacool® Atlantica® Glass
Vistacool® Solargray® Glass
Solarcool® Caribia® Glass
Solarcool® Graylite® Glass
Solarcool® Solexia® Glass

These products were discontinued in the third quarter of 2014. Similar products may still be available from other architectural glass manufacturers.