Vitro Architectural Glass

Distinctive Aesthetic Options for Distinctive Projects

Vitro Architectural Glass produces a range of products ideal for interiors, decorative glass, spandrel glass and other special glass applications. Use the links below to learn about these special applications and explore our products and those made possible by our Alliance Partner program.

Residential Glass

With more than a century of experience providing energy-efficient glass for residential windows, Vitro offers a proven portfolio that provides comfort in any climate.

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Interior Glass

Vitro offers a wide range of low-iron, clear and tinted glasses ideal for interior applications, such as doors, display cases, balustrades and more.

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Clarvista® Shower Glass

Clarvista® Glass provides a lifetime protective coating that keeps shower enclosures looking sparkling clear.

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Spandrel Glass

Achieve a range of visual effects and improved performance for spandrels with Vitro Glass and products made possible by our Alliance Partner program.

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Decorative Glass

In recent years, glass fabricators have created a range of decorative glass applications that enable distinctive, colorful and visually interesting designs.

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Safety & Security Glass

Heavy Starphire Ultra-Clear® Glass by Vitro provides ultimate visual quality to safety and security applications that require increased glass thickness.

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Heat-Treated Glass

Many projects may require glass to be heat-treated for durability and/or safety. Learn more about heat-treated glass, including heat-strengthening and tempering.

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Oversized Coated Glass

Architects can realize their most dramatic visions with oversized coated glass by Vitro, available with the high performance low-e coatings you already rely on.

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Glass for Renovation

Passive and solar control low-e glasses by Vitro are ideal for renovation because they can significantly reduce the energy draw of renovated buildings.

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NASA Goddard Bird Friendly Glass

Bird‑Friendly Glass

More than one billion birds die in the United States from collisions with glass every year. That's why Vitro Architectural Glass has partnered with Walker Glass to produce AviProtek® E low‑e coated bird‑friendly glass, combining solar control with distinctive visual patterns.

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