Vitro Architectural Glass

The Vitro Concierge Program® for Vitro Certified® Fabricators

The Vitro Concierge Program® is designed to help ensure supply-chain success for large or complex construction projects fabricated with products from Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass). It’s available at no cost to members of the Vitro Certified® Network and their glazing contractor customers in the U.S. and Canada.

While most projects, even very large ones, can be handled effectively by the Vitro Certified® Network’s normal supply chain approach and with standard Vitro inventory, some unique projects with atypical glass configurations or non-standard glass components require extra production and logistics management. The Vitro Concierge Program® provides customized coordination through a dedicated Vitro Concierge Program® Manager who will align Vitro inventory and timing, even providing priority access, reserving inventory and coordinating glass production schedules.

Amazon Spheres | Solarban® 60 Starphire® Glass

Amazon Spheres | Solarban® 60 Starphire® Glass

The Tower at PNC Plaza | Sungate® 400 Starphire® Glass

The Tower at PNC Plaza | Sungate® 400 Starphire® Glass

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How the Vitro Concierge Program® Works

Both glazing contractors and fabricators are encouraged to register projects through the Vitro Concierge Program®.

Step 1: Register the project or reserve the glass.

Vitro Certified® Glass Fabricating Customers: RESERVE your project’s estimated glass requirements using the online form or by calling 412.820.8004.

Glazing Contractors: REGISTER your new project using the online form or call 412.820.8004.

Step 2: Provide project information, overall timing and required glass delivery dates.

Once certified, the Vitro Concierge Program® Manager will initiate conversations to understand the full scope of the project, identify milestones and drive the planning process. The program manager will remain in contact with you throughout the project because it is essential to keep project details up to date and consistent with actual progress at the construction jobsite.

Step 3: Succeed with Vitro Certified® fabricated glass arriving in the right quantities and sizes and within the required project timetables.

The Vitro Concierge Program® Manager will communicate the project’s glass requirements to Vitro personnel, including logistics, production, customer service and sales so the glass you need will arrive in the right quantities on time.

For Vitro Concierge Program® project qualifications and testimonials, download our brochure. For more information, email the Vitro Concierge Program® Manager or call 412-820-8004.

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Vitro Concierge Program® Case Studies

Explore the Case Studies below to learn about real projects that benefited from the logistics and supply-chain expertise of the Vitro Concierge Program®.

Five City Center

JDavis Architects and J.E. Berkowitz fabricators worked closely with Vitro’s Concierge Program® Manager to combine a Class-A office building and residences in a modern, daylit building at Five City Center in downtown Allentown, Pennsylvania. The glass façade features a beautiful mosaic made with four different tints of Solarban® 60 glass.

Congress Square

As part of an initiative to redesign a block of 1900s-era bank buildings in Boston’s Congress Square district, local architect firm Arrowstreet and fabricators at OldCastle BuildingEnvelope® turned to experts from the Vitro Concierge Program® for assistance with glass selection and specification and technical and logistical support.

Healing Outpatient Experience Tower (H.O.P.E. Tower)

At the Healing Outpatient Experience Tower at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, the Vitro Concierge Program® Manager worked with fabricator National Glass & Metal Co. to ensure the successful completion of the bright and inviting 10-story, full-service hospital that features generous quantities of Solarban® 70 (formerly Solarban® 70XL) and Solarban® 72 Starphire® glasses.

Rolex Tower

See how Vitro Certified™ Fabricator Tristar joined forces with the Vitro Concierge Program® to deliver success at every step of the construction of Rolex Tower, which leverages Solarban® R67 (formerly Solarban® 67) Optigray® glass to fuse nature with architecture.

University of Oklahoma

See how Vitro Certified® Fabricator Tristar Glass worked with the Vitro Concierge Program® Manager to coordinate production, delivery and installation of the nine-story all-glass office tower façade and two elevated pedestrian skywalks to achieve a unique design aesthetic and create an award-winning facility.

7 Bryant Park

See how a Vitro Certified® Fabricator worked with the Vitro Concierge Program® Manager to support LEED® Gold certification through a creative packaging solution.

ProMedica Health and Wellness Center

See how Vitro Certified® Fabricator Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® worked with the Vitro Concierge Program® Manager to coordinate production, delivery and installation of more than 60,000 square feet of Solarban® 72 glass for the ProMedica Health and Wellness Center.

BioSteel Centre

See how Vitro Certified® Fabricator Trulite worked with the Vitro Concierge Program® Manager to ensure proper hand offs were made and milestones were met during an extremely tight construction schedule that required the BioSteel Centre to be ready for use for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors in only 13 months.

UCSD Health Jacobs Medical Center

Learn how Vitro Certified® Fabricator Northwestern Industries, Inc. enabled the newest hospital in the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Health System to distinguish itself with a striking 10-story curvilinear glass façade featuring Solarban® 70 and Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass with help from the Vitro Concierge Program® Manager.