Vitro Architectural Glass

CE Declarations of Performance (DoP)

In the past, individual member states of the European Union maintained their own national product technical standards for use in construction products. In the 1990s, the European Community Directive established common technical requirements for products and methods for assessing these products, known as the harmonized European Norm, hEN. Products with the CE mark (“Communité Européenne”) show compliance with the harmonized European Norm (hEN) standards. CE marked products can be used throughout the European economic community.

Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) manufactures flat glass products only in the USA. Vitro Glass products made in the USA are in compliance with the ASTM standards. To serve our customers in Europe, Vitro Glass has added a select group of glass products that meet the hEN standards and are CE marked.

The CE Declarations of Performance (DoP) for the following Vitro Glass products can be viewed by clicking on the product names listed below.