Vitro Architectural Glass

How to Buy Vitro Glass

Commercial Glass

Vitro works with glass fabricators and glazing contractors around the globe to distribute architectural glass for commercial projects. If you are looking to purchase truckload quantities of glass, get in touch with a Commercial Account Manager near you, using the “Find Your Sales Rep” tool.

Find a Fabricator

Looking for fabricators of Solarban® low-e glass? The Vitro Certified® Network of fabricators and laminators are the exclusive source for Solarban® glass products in the United States and Canada. Use our “Find a Fabricator” tool to find a Solarban® glass provider near you.

Interior Glass

For interior applications, Vitro Authorized™ Starphire® Glass Partners are the exclusive group of glass fabricators, manufacturers and hardware suppliers who can provide the technical and logistics expertise your project deserves. Visit the Starphire® glass website to find a full list of fabricators and partners.

Residential Glass

Residential glass projects such as windows, home skylights and other non-commercial applications can be sourced through Vitro’s network of residential glass suppliers. Use Vitro’s “Find a Window Manufacturer” tool to find a supplier in your region.

Need More Information?

If you still need help finding the right resource, please send us a message.