Vitro Architectural Glass

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The following documents provide information about the thermal and optical properties of Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) products.

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Single-Lite (Monolithic) Glass

This table compares Vitro Architectural Glass product performance data single-lite (monolithic) units in thicknesses between 3 mm and 19 mm.

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One-Inch Insulating Glass Units (IGUs)

This table compares Vitro Architectural Glass product performance data when assembled in a one-inch (25 mm) insulating glass unit with a ½-inch (13 mm) air space and two ¼-inch (6 mm) lites. All performance data is calculated using LBNL Window 7.3 software and represents center of glass performance data.

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Triple Pane IGU ComparisonsBack to Top

These tables compare the performance metrics of Vitro's triple pane IGU configurations, including those built with Solarban® and Sungate® low-e glass products.

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Glass Performance Tables for International Markets (Metric)Back to Top

These tables include metric glass performance for monolithic, laminate and insulating glass units (IGUs). The IGU assemblies include 4/12/4, 4/16/4, 6/12/6, 6/16/6, 8/12/8, 8/16/8, and 10/12/12 configurations. Performance data is calculated using both LBNL Window 7.3 software and EN410/673 methodology using WinDat WIS version 3.0.1 software.

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Request a Glass Catalog

For additional aesthetic and performance information about the products in these tables, request a copy of the complete Vitro Architectural Glass Catalog.


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