Vitro Architectural Glass

Acid-Etched, Decorative & Bird-Friendly Glass

Vitro Architectural Glass has partnered with Walker Glass to offer a full selection of acid-etched, decorative and bird-friendly glass solutions utilizing Solarban® solar control low‑e glass coatings and Starphire Ultra‑Clear® glass substrates.

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AviProtek® E Bird-Safe Solar Control Low‑E Glass

Bird collisions with glass facades are a major cause of bird mortality in North America, claiming the lives of millions of birds each year. That’s why Walker Glass and Vitro have teamed up to create an energy-efficient, award-winning solution.

A “Best of 2015” selection by Archictural Record, AviProtek® E with Solarban® glass is an advanced architectural glass that unites bird-friendly, acid-etched patterns by Walker Glass with high-performance solar control low‑e coatings by Vitro.

Walker Glass with AviProtek® patterns can be manufactured with either horizontal or vertical visual markers on both clear and Starphire Ultra‑Clear® glass substrates by Vitro or with Solarban® 60 or Solarban® 70 glass on the second (interior) surface of an insulating glass unit (IGU).

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Full-Surface & Decorative Acid-Etched Low‑E Glass

Vitro Glass products are also available with decorative and full-surface etchings from Walker Textures® Opaque, Velour and Satin product lines. Use Walker Glass’s acid-etched patterns on Solarban® solar control low‑e glasses on the second surface of an IGU or on spandrel glass applications to:

  • Achieve a muted finish on façade exteriors
  • Produce a scattered light effect on building interiors
  • Interstitially mask certain areas of levels of a building
  • Maximize the effectiveness of acid-etched glass in preventing bird collisions
  • Achieve visible light transmittance as high as 91 percent with exceptional color purity, while still masking views from the outside with a Starphire Ultra‑Clear® or clear glass substrate by Vitro
  • Provide a neutral effect on UV and SHGC

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Faded & Gradient Glass

Achieve visually stunning faded and gradient effects by combining Solarban® solar control low‑e glass coatings by Vitro Glass with Walker Textures® Transition line of acid-etched glasses. For an etched finish that subtly fades into a fully transparent surface, use low‑e glasses by Vitro on the second surface of Walker Textures® True Fade etchings. Or, for added control over visible light and masked areas, use Solarban® glass with Walker Textures® Gradient etchings, which consist of microdots that allow natural light to flow into building interiors.

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Acid-Etched Starphire Ultra‑Clear® Glass

For unmatched color fidelity with unique acid-etched finishes—and without the green cast inherent in ordinary clear glass—the Walker Textures® acid-etched glass and mirror product lines are available on Starphire Ultra‑Clear® glass by Vitro Glass.

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Products that combine the Walker Textures® acid-etched finishes and patterns on the first surface of an IGU with Solarban® solar control low‑e glass by Vitro Glass on the second surface are available exclusively through Vitro Certified™ Fabricators.

New Wings

At the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Vitro and Walker Glass teamed up to provide an environmentally friendly, bird-safe solution.


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