Vitro Architectural Glass

Nautically Inspired, with Solar Control

Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) offers a full spectrum of blue and green performance-tinted glasses. Add low‑e coatings to any tinted glass product by Vitro Glass to enhance its performance.

Pacifica® Glass

Rich blue Pacifica® glass can be combined with Solarban® low-e coatings, reflective Solarcool® coatings or subtly reflective, color-enriched Vistacool® coatings.

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Atlantica® Glass

Atlantica® glass combines desirable light transmittance and solar control with a pleasant emerald-green aesthetic.

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Azuria® Glass

Azuria® glass is a stunning aqua-blue glass with a distinctive aesthetic that blends brilliantly with surrounding environments.

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Solarblue® Glass

Solarblue® glass features a sparkling, light sky-blue appearance that balances high light transmittance and solar control.

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Solexia® Glass

Solexia® glass is a soothing, light-green glass that is an industry standard for spectrally selective performance.

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Optiblue® Glass

Optiblue® glass offers a light-bodied, cool-neutral appearance that enhances the aesthetics of Solarban® low-e glasses.

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Omni Dallas Blue & Green Tinted Glass

Omni Dallas Convention Center Hotel

With a stunning blue glass façade that features Solarban® 70 Pacifica® glass, the Omni Dallas Convention Center Hotel is one of the most visible recent additions to the city’s skyline.

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