Vitro Architectural Glass

A Harmonizing Bronze Hue

Solarbronze® glass has been a staple in architectural glass offerings since the 1960s because it creates a bold visual statement while maintaining energy efficiency and occupant comfort. A popular choice for commercial structures, Solarbronze® glass has a warm bronze tint that adds subtle richness to the exterior and a warm glow to interior décor. The bronze color especially complements brick and stone facades.

In a one-inch insulating glass unit (IGU), Solarbronze® glass provides excellent visual light transmittance (VLT). For even better performance, combine Solarbronze® glass with Sungate® 400 glass in a one-inch IGU to improve solar control performance and lower U‑values. To achieve spectrally selective glass, as recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy, team Solarbronze® glass with Solarban® 60 solar control low‑e glass to earn a light‑to‑solar gain (LSG) ratio of 1.25 or better.

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Aesthetics & Performance


  • Looks
  • Warm, harmonizing bronze
  • Reflectivity
  • Low

Performance Data Comparisons

Featured Configurations VLT SHGC
Solarbronze Glass

Solarbronze® Glass

53 0.63
Solarban 90 (2) Solarbronze + Clear

Solarban® 90 (2) Solarbronze® + Clear

31 0.18
Solarbronze + Solarban 70 (3) Clear

Solarbronze® + Solarban® 70 (3) Clear

38 0.26

Colors are reproductions and are for descriptive purposes only.

Advanced Applications

VacuMax™ VIG Solarvolt™ BIPV Glass System Oversized Glass (130″ x 204″) & Titan (130″ x 240″)

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Inspiration & Evaluation

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Solarbronze® Glass

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