Vitro Architectural Glass

A Soft, Neutral Coating with Excellent Solar Control

Solarban® R67 glass (formerly Solarban® 67 glass) provides excellent solar control performance that transmits and reflects colors with remarkably crisp fidelity.

Crispness & Clarity

Engineered with a proprietary double-silver, magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) coating developed by Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass), Solarban® R67 glass accurately transmits and reflects the tone and brightness of ambient light and color. The crispness and clarity of Solarban® R67 glass is further enhanced by its low interior and exterior reflectivity.

Solarban® R67 glass delivers proven solar control performance that exceeds that which is typically associated with such high levels of transparency. While clear glass is the standard offering, Solarban® R67 glass also can be specified with blue, green and earth-toned glasses, such as Atlantica®, Azuria®, Optiblue®, Optigray®, Pacifica®, Solarblue®, Solexia® or Solargray® glasses, on the second or third surface of an insulating glass unit (IGU).

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Aesthetics & Performance


  • Looks
  • Crisp, neutral
  • Reflectivity
  • Moderate

Performance Data Comparisons

Featured Configurations VLT SHGC
Clear Glass + Clear

Clear Glass + Clear

79 0.70
Solarban 67 (2) + Clear

Solarban® R67 (2) + Clear

54 0.29
Solarban 67 (2) Acuity + Acuity

Solarban® R67 (2) Acuity®Acuity®

56 0.30
Solarban 67 (2) Starphire + Starphire

Solarban® R67 (2) Starphire® + Starphire®

57 0.30
Solarban 67 (2) Azuria + Clear

Solarban® R67 (2) Azuria® + Clear

42 0.23

Colors are reproductions and are for descriptive purposes only.

Substrate Options

Clear Low-Iron Tinted

Advanced Applications

VacuMax™ VIG Solarvolt™ BIPV Glass System Oversized Glass (130″ x 204″) & Titan (130″ x 240″)

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Inspiration & Evaluation

255 King St Stadium Tower - Solarban 67

255 King/Stadium Tower

Solarban® R67 Glass with ICD 2-3203 Mucky Water

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Transparent Low-E Glass Kit - Solarban 67

Transparent Low-e Glass Kit

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