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Sungate ThermL Multi-Surface Low-e Glass

Sungate ThermL™ glass is a low-e coating engineered for use on the interior surface of a typical one-inch insulating glass unit (IGU) that dramatically improves U-values when paired with a Solarban® solar control low-e glass by Vitro on the second surface.

Sungate ThermL Glass Illustration

Sungate ThermL™ glass is neutral, colorless and provides low reflectivity, so it looks just like uncoated clear glass while offering enhanced durability and insulation. Sungate ThermL™ glass is engineered to allow for a high rate of visible light transmittance (VLT) and to retain the indoor heated air by slowing down heat transfer through the IGU to reduce winter heating costs.

Sungate ThermL™ coatings are as durable and resistant to mechanical abrasion as uncoated glass.

When Sungate ThermL™ glass is paired in a one-inch IGU with a half-inch airspace with argon and Solarban® 70 glass on the second surface, the U-value is 0.19, which is a 21% improvement over using Solarban® 70 glass alone. This pairing provides a VLT of 63% and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.27.

In a one-inch IGU with a half-inch airspace with argon, Solarban® 60 glass on the second surface and Sungate ThermL™ glass on the fourth surface provides a U-value of 0.20, which is a 20% improvement over using Solarban® 60 glass alone on the second surface. The pairing also delivers a VLT of 69%, and a SHGC of 0.38.

Sungate ThermL™ glass is ideal wherever increased insulation performance is needed and can even be used in a triple IGU for even greater insulating value. Wherever it is used, Sungate ThermL™ also allows visible light to pass through for exceptional daylighting while delivering remarkably low interior and exterior reflectance.

Sungate ThermL™ glass will be available from Vitro Authorized® and Vitro Certified® fabricators. Expected to be fully available by July 2024, Sungate ThermL™ glass is currently undergoing final transit and line trials. Pre-register below to be among the first to receive samples of Sungate ThermL™ glass.

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  • Looks
  • Exceptionally Clear
  • Reflectivity
  • Very Low

Performance Data Comparisons

Outboard (6mm) Inboard (6mm) VLT Exterior Reflectance Interior Reflectance U-Value (Air) U-Value (Argon) SHGC LSG
Solarban® 60 (2) Clear Vitro Clear 70% 11% 12% 0.24 0.29 0.39 1.80
Sungate ThermL™ (4) Clear 69% 10% 11% 0.23 0.20 0.38 1.84
Solarban® 70 (2) Clear Vitro Clear 74% 13% 14% 0.28 0.24  0.27 2.37
Sungate ThermL™ (4) Clear 63% 13% 13% 0.23 0.19  0.27 2.33

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